By purchasing a deepsleep you are agreeing to these terms:


-Please understand that deepsleep cannot be held responsible for lost/stolen packages after delivery has been tracked. 

-If the shipping address you've provided is incorrect and results in a returned item, you may be charged the additional shipping to send it out again.

-Your deepsleep Jeep air mattress is covered by a 5 year limited warranty from date of purchase. This warranty covers manufacturing defects only of the mattress seams and nozzle seam location. Damages from improper use or normal wear and tear from use are not covered. All mattresses are air tested before shipping and packaged in a controlled environment - cuts/slices or holes in material are not covered unless caused by documented shipping damages. In this case, it will be your responsibility to immediately document your damaged package upon delivery BEFORE opening it for inspection, and contact us A.S.A.P. Any cut/hole not caused by documented shipping damage is not covered. We will accept any such case for review within 3 days of delivery.

- We may choose to repair or replace your mattress. This is good for up to 1 replacement for life of warranty. Proof of purchase is required.

-We reserve the right to use our discretion on what is deemed covered by warranty based  on pictures or information requested from Jeeper.  If a determined defect is submitted under warranty, we will make it right quickly and at no cost to you if: 

You inflate your mattress and identify the leaking area with warm soapy water. Please send a clear short video of this for us to review.  We will strive to have a new package to you within 1 week, and make this process quick and easy. If it is deemed that the item needs to be returned, you will be provided with an RMA number. Any package returned without an RMA number will NOT be accepted. 

-The use of deepsleep with any aftermarket jeep products that may hinder  or endanger the intended use and fitment of it will void this warranty. If you have questions about what this applies to, or if deepsleep will work for your jeep, please contact us before purchasing.


Kickstarter backer's warranty will be considered effective starting April 1st 2018.

                                  If you’re cool – we’re cool. *Jeep Wave*



-If you are jeep sleeping in a place that gets cooler at night: Your mattress is NOT losing air. The cooler air around your mattress will cause the air inside of it to contract. Just refill to your preferred level and continue the good times.

-If you travel with dogs: deepsleep is made to be durable, but we do not claim it is puncture proof. We strongly recommend using a blanket or added covering to ensure the safety of your mattress. Damage caused by pets is not covered by warranty.

-My package arrived damaged! That sucks, and we are so sorry. It wasn’t sent to you that way! PLEASE take a photo immediately, BEFORE opening and inspecting the mattress for damage….if you've found damage has been done to your mattress, send us those pics and let us know a.s.a.p! We allow resolution of reported shipment damages within 3 days of package delivery date.

Customer Care and Support or Questions :  You may reach us by phone at: 623.800.2880

or by email: Nate@deepsleep4jeeps.com / Liz@deepsleep4jeeps.com