Frequently asked questions

I have a factory subwoofer in the back. Will the deepsleep fit?

Yes. The deepsleep air mattress doesn't have a specific contour made to fit around the factory Sub, but when inflated in place your deepsleep will conform around it and still fit.

I have a 2 door JK. Will this fit?

No, the current deepsleep models are made to fit 4 door jeeps and vehilcles. If you sleep in your 2 door jeep and would like to see a 2 door model happen, please contact us and share your feedback! We will outfit as many jeep models as possible based on customer demand.

Will the doors and tailgate close completely?

Yes, all the doors will shut, allowing you to sleep safely in your jeep.

What are the dimensions/specs and weight limit?

Larger Mattress: 6ft long. 52 inches wide between doors. 42 inches wide between wheel wells. 10 inches tall when inflated. It's made of nylon coated PVC with an i-beam design and has a weight limit of 700 pounds. - This is the JKU & JLU air mattress model which also fits in Jeep Commanders, Jeep WK2 Grand Cherokees, and many other large SUVs. Weight Limit: 700 pounds. Smaller Mattress: 5ft 6 inches long, 52 inches wide between doors, and 6 inches tall when inflated. - This is the XJ/Cherokee air mattress which also fits in Jeep Commanders, Jeep WK2 Grand Cherokees, 4 door Jeep JKU and JLU. Weight Limit: 500 pounds.

Will this fit other vehicles?

Both deepsleep air beds also fit many other types of SUV's. If your rear seats fold down leaving a flat surface, you can use the following dimensions to measure your vehicle to see if either mattress model will work for you: Larger mattress: 6ft long, 52 inches wide between doors, 42 inches wide between wheel wells and 10 inches tall when inflated. Smaller mattress: 68 inches long, 52 inches wide between doors, and 6 inches tall inflated.

Where am I going to put all my stuff?

Everyone camps and overlands differently. While sleeping safely IN your Jeep you may be able to store your belongings - On a roofrack - On an interior cargo carrier mounted between the roll bars, on tables within campsite, in a tent, or in bins that could be pushed under your jeep. - Smaller items will fit in the front seats.

Can I drive with my deepsleep inflated in the back?

No, We do not recommend this.

Is the pump built in?

No, we wanted deepsleep to roll up as compactly as possible for storage in your jeep. We used a universal air inlet nozzle to accomodate any air mattress inflator pump. We have an option to purchase WITH or WITHOUT pump. Our is a small and compacgt 12 volt d/c only pump which plugs into the cigarette outlet.

Will this fit in my TJ


What is different about deepsleep than other car air beds?

- deepsleep was the first, and is the only Jeep-specific Air bed on the market. Other competitors have generic designs to fit most SUVs that also happen to fit in jeeps. deepsleep is opposite- It was specifically designed to be a perfect fit for your jeep and offers a superior fitment (which also happens to fit many other vehicles). - It is 8 inches longer than most other brands so it makes the MOST of your space. - Our hassle free warranty is also much longer than what other companies offer. - We made this with an i-beam design rather than an o-beam like many other brands, because in our opinion...it's much more comfortable. - It was designed and created by jeepers, and funded on Kickstarter by jeepers when no other Jeep air bed like it was available. With each purchase you are supporting a family owned and operated company who takes opportunites to give back to the jeeping and overlanding community when we can.