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  • My seats don't fold flat, does it compensate for the incline?"
    - Our deepsleep Jeep mattress is the same thickness throughout, and does not compensate for the incline when the seats are folded down. Here's some tips we recommend: - Park on the most level gound available, and if possible, with the front end of your Jeep on a slight downward angle to help with leveling. - You can use rocks, recovery track panels (like Maxtraxx) to park your rear wheels on to help level. - You can roll up a blanket and place it under the foot-end of the mattress to help level.
  • Where am I going to put all my stuff?
    Everyone camps and overlands differently. While sleeping safely IN your Jeep you may be able to store your belongings - On a roofrack - On an interior cargo carrier mounted between the roll bars, on tables within campsite, in a tent, or in bins that could be pushed under your jeep. - Smaller items will fit in the front seats.
  • What are the dimensions/specs and weight limit?
    Larger Mattress: 6ft long. 52 inches wide between doors. 42 inches wide between wheel wells. 10 inches tall when inflated. It's made of nylon coated PVC with an i-beam design and has a weight limit of 700 pounds. - This is the JKU & JLU air mattress model which also fits in Jeep Commanders, Jeep WK2 Grand Cherokees, and many other large SUVs. Weight Limit: 700 pounds. Smaller Mattress: 5ft 6 inches long, 52 inches wide between doors, and 6 inches tall when inflated. - This is the XJ/Cherokee air mattress which also fits in Jeep Commanders, Jeep WK2 Grand Cherokees, 4 door Jeep JKU and JLU. Weight Limit: 500 pounds.
  • I have a factory subwoofer in the back.  Will the deepsleep fit?
    Yes. The deepsleep air mattress doesn't have a specific contour made to fit around the factory Sub, but when inflated in place your deepsleep will conform around it and still fit.
  • Will the doors and tailgate close completely?
    Yes, all the doors will shut, allowing you to sleep safely in your jeep.
  • Will this fit other vehicles?
    Both deepsleep air beds also fit many other types of SUV's. If your rear seats fold down leaving a flat surface, you can use the following dimensions to measure your vehicle to see if either mattress model will work for you: Larger mattress: 6ft long, 52 inches wide between doors, 42 inches wide between wheel wells and 10 inches tall when inflated. Smaller mattress: 68 inches long, 52 inches wide between doors, and 6 inches tall inflated.
  • Can I drive with my deepsleep inflated in the back?
    No, We do not recommend this.
  • Is the pump built in?
    No, we wanted deepsleep to roll up as compactly as possible for storage in your jeep. We used a universal air inlet nozzle to accomodate any air mattress inflator pump. We have an option to purchase WITH or WITHOUT pump. Our is a small and compacgt 12 volt d/c only pump which plugs into the cigarette outlet.
  • Will this fit in my TJ
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