Does anyone really read the "about us" page?  Well if you are....

We're Nate and Liz, (and Minka the dog).  We are based in Phoenix Arizona.  Our Journey to creating "deepsleep" began in 2016 when we purchased our first Jeep.  We excitedly Jeeped where no Nissan Altima had gone before.

We enjoyed exploring new places as well as our camping and offroading weekends. One night we burned a hole in our camping tent (embarrassing story).  While shopping for a new tent we thought, "we just spent good money on a Jeep, why not just sleep in it?"-Genius.  The seats fold down- there's plenty of space! No problem...we'll just throw our air mattress back there. Done and DONE!

Well....our first "Jeep camping" night was a bust.  10 minutes into it we kept rolling into each other due to excess "mattress bunch" with our regular air mattress. We said "there has to be a better way".  

We tried alternative methods, but couldn't quite find a comfortable way to Jeep sleep. So we decided to make one.  And Voila, here we are!

We are proud to bring to you, our fellow Jeepers, deepsleep for Jeeps.  Made FOR Jeepers BY Jeepers.  Finally, a better way. EXPLORE COMFORTABLY.

See you on the trails!



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